I am a Cuban American- born Hudson County native painter currently living and working in Hoboken, NJ. The youngest daughter to hard working, and resourceful Cuban immigrant parents, I have been producing artwork since early childhood. In young adulthood, my utmost admiration was held for abstract art. Abstraction was the true challenge for me as an artist.

I was interested in accessing imagination and invention to create new images. During my Fine Arts Studies, I chose to study the work of the Modern Masters such as Picasso, Miro’, Arthur Dove and Kandinsky to name a few. I later became interested in Abstract Expressionism and Contemporary painting. I was influenced by artists such as Gerhard Richter, Amy Sillman, Helen Frankenthaler, Eva Hesse, and Kiki Smith all of whom I continue to admire and study. My process for smaller scale works on paper is spontaneous expression. They become a practice in meditation completed anywhere from one to three sittings depending on the size. For larger paintings, I work from my own sketches thereby making the process more pre-meditated in image with room to explore spontaneity. I am invested in exploring self-expression through art and the opportunity created for human connection through art objects. Although the images are created by me, the universal aspect of symbolism and images is what drives me to create the work. I choose titles and imagery that often offer an entry point for the viewer to begin to create their own narrative. It is important to me as an artist, that viewers be able to engage and participate in completion of the image through visual gestalt with room for imagination. Therefore, I am acutely aware of my desire and intent to edit overt visual descriptors while providing enough information to help the viewer make an immediate connection. It is a visual quest for balance between form, color, line and the emotion evoked. I frequently provide a visual reference point often inspired by nature.

For this reason, I consider my paintings to be abstract landscapes. I am continuously moved by the experiences of others and the power art has to influence people’s environment and lives. Art is by nature an expression of humanity. I discovered the astounding potential for growth and self-exploration that the creative process has to offer during my fine arts education at Rutgers. The introspective nature of art later led me to pursue a master’s degree in art therapy at New York University. My work continues to be informed by my interests in self-expression, nature, psychology and spirituality. My work has been exhibited in New Jersey, New York and online forums.